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Seaview Aquarium Garden & Ponds

Any home can enjoy the beauty of a garden pond, large or small.



We have a great range of pre-formed plastic ponds on offer.



Or if your would rather create a pond from scratch to suit your specific requirements, we carry only the best EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Monomer) pond liner (sold by the meter).


We stock a large variety of filtration units to help keep your pond healthy and water fountain pumps to create unique features within your pond.


We always have a great range of pond plants in stock and during the warmer months water lilies are available in a variety of colours.

Want your pond to be a wonderful feature at all times of the day? We have you covered! We have the latest in lighting technology - LED pond lighting available in a variety of colours.  


Having issues with your pond? We sell many treatments such as algaecides, tap water conditioner, testing kits, pond safe fertilisers for plants - the list goes on!