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Seaview Aquarium Centre

We have an extensive range of cleaning tools to aid aquarium maintenance:



Removal of algae: We sell algae pads or for those that prefer not to get their hands dirty, we have a range of algae magnets or algae pads with handles.


Gravel Cleaners: We stock a variety of gravel siphons in a large range of sizes to suit every tank size. We also carry battery operated aquarium vacuums that makes maintenace a breeze.

We carry a large range of nets in a variety of sizes. Sizes range from 4cm to 14cm. Nets are also available in a fine or coarse material.  

Aquascaping: We sell an assortment of tools to help the aquascaping enthusiast build a perfect underwater garden. - Tools such as long handled tweezers and scissors.

Brush's: For the removal of sludge and debris in tubing or for cleaning impellers. We have brush's with short handles or 3m long flexible handles to suit your needs.  


Having issues with your pond? We sell many treatments such as algaecides, tap water conditioners, testing kits and aquarium/pond friendly fertilisers for plants - the list goes on!